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Australian Collectors of Mechanical Musical Instruments
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Articles in ACMMI
Bulletins 1 to 130
(1974ľAug 2005)
Brief history of the
ACMMI Bulletin
The first issue of what was to become the ACMMI Bulletin was a modest affair appearing in March 1974. It is impossible to know how many editors there were prior to Bulletin 85 (October 1997), when a newly elected editor remained in the post for some nine years. From that time up to Bulletin 130 (August 2005) this editor produced a regular bulletin, some of which were developed electronically.

In October 2005, Peter Phillips took on the editor's task, and still remains in the post. By this time electronic publication was a more developed process, allowing the use of colour.

Existing formats
The club holds a copy of every ACMMI Bulletin ever produced. All bulletins from 131 (October 2005) are in PDF format. All other bulletins are available only as hard copy. However, it is planned to convert some of these into PDF files.

The two indexes on this page cover, in the first instance, the contents of all bulletins up to number 130. Articles are only available as hardcopy unfortunately.

The second index is of Bulletins 131 to 195 (August 2016). These are all available as PDF documents. Restrictions on content have been imposed, however most of the articles can be made available on request.
Articles in ACMMI
Bulletins 131 to 195 (Oct 2005ľAug 2016)
Understanding Duo-Art expression
Restoring a Pedal Electric Duo-Art, originally in 7 parts.
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Due to restrictions requested by several ACMMI members, this website does not include any bulletins produced by the club.

Researchers are invited to view the above indexes (see column on the right) and request articles of interest. It cannot be guaranteed that these will be made available however, as in some cases, permission will need to be obtained from the author, which may not be forthcoming.

See the contacts page for an email address to request an article.
ACMMI Bulletins
Articles from ACMMI Bulletins
The articles below are by Peter Phillips, the current editor of the ACMMI Bulletin. Articles by other members will be released when their permission is obtained.
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